Naked cakes and Fresh flowers and fruit on a cake

I am often asked if I make naked cakes i.e. cakes that do not have a sugarpaste covering. I do not. I would like to take this opportunity to explain why. 

  • I only work with sugarpaste coated wedding cakes because the sugarpaste protects the cake from the environment and keeps the moisture in so every slice is perfect. Naked cakes are simply Victoria sponges with a little buttercream and jam. There is nothing to protect them from the environment.
  •  The analogy I use is as follows: if you made a cheese sandwich at 8 in the morning and left if uncovered all day in a room full of people, would you want to eat it at 8 o'clock that evening?
  • That is effectively what happens when a naked cake is used for a wedding cake. It will be on display in a room full of people, possibly under lights or in a window. It will not matter how well I made that cake, it will dry out.
  • Many naked cakes are decorated with soft fruits such as strawberries and raspberries. If these are left out of the fridge for any length of time, you run the risk of them blooming (going off). 

I have worked very hard to get a good reputation for providing beautiful cakes that not only look gorgeous but taste amazing too. Therefore, I do not make naked cakes.


Similarly I do not use fresh flowers on my cakes as many are poisonous and unless the florist can guarantee that the flowers have not been treated with pesticide I cannot put them on a cake. The following link explains this in much more detail.